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The ever changing climatic conditions provide perfect breeding grounds for moss growth on roof tiles. Old roof tiles become more porous and over time with the free thaw cycle expanding and contracting these growths can eventually crack the tiles and allow the ingress of water. Algae and moss on the roof does need to be removed but unless significant damage has been exacted on the tiles the entire structure doesn's need to go too. Of course some roofers may advise for the replacement of the roof but in most cases there is no need to pay out for a new roof. Roof restoration consisting of a pressure wash to remove moss, algae & lichens, minor repairs and the application of Improve Your Roof - Roof Coating is a viable alternative.


Benefits of Protective Roof Sealer 

One coat application will render tiles water-resistant * Highly resistant to water, staining and organic growth
Will not change the appearance of concrete, slate or clay roof tiles
Sealer lifespan up to 15 years * Protection of pointing * Impregnating, breathable waterproof sealer * Odour free

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we are only a phone call away

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