Improve Your Conservatory Roof

As a company are committed to providing safe, stylish and affordable solid conservatory roof replacement solutions. We have a vast knowledge of the
home improvement marketplace and we are passionate about the way in which our Thermal Conservatory Roof System can vastly improve your living space and add value to your home. We can transform an underused an often unloved conservatory in to a useable extension to your home simply by replacing your existing conservatory roof with one of our state of the art Solid Conservatory Roofs.

After listening to the needs of existing clients and going through the benefits of a Solid Roof Conversion with them, we have learnt that the benefits of improving the roof really will and does make all the difference. It will allow you to use the space for entertaining or even make a new dining room or just somewhere to chill out after a hard days work. The possibilities therefore, are endless when you convert your conservatory roof to a solid roof conservatory.

‘Our one goal is to provide you with a product that really does live up to all expectations. We want to put the smile back on your conservatory.’

Whether it’s our Thermal Warm Solid Conservatory Roof or our Orangery Roof System. Whether it’s used in conjunction with your existing windows and doors or with our new ‘A’ rated windows and doors,. We believe our Solid conservatory roof systems really will make all the difference.

Our industry knowledge and experience with using solid roof systems has enabled us to get to where we are today with the Icotherm solid conservatory roof system. Over the years we have installed different styles of conservatory roofs. However, from the offset we have strived to find the best and most user-friendly roof system. One which fully complies with building regulations and have full structural calculations.

The roof system that might be most synonymous to people is the Guardian Warm Roof System. As a company we have installed in the past, but we asked ourselves one question… ‘Why use aluminium when a roof on any house is made from timber. This what spurred us on to find the solid conservatory roof system that we use today, Icotherm.

The great thing about timber is that there is no risk of condensation like there is with aluminium. It is a fantastic material to work with. All of out highly skilled installers are very much at home with timber as many of them are fully trained carpenters.

Further to this, the Icotherm solid roof system is completely manufactured off site. It is then dissembled ready for transport to our warehouse for storage prior to install, and with much of the work on the roof being done in house prior to install, the time on site is quick and it means less inconvenience to our clients. We simply assemble the pods, bolt them together and install the insulation. It’s as simple as that.

Other systems can be very time consuming to install. It is imperative to cause as least disruption to our clients as possible. However, more importantly, when one roof is removed, a new one must be safely installed in its place as quickly as possible. This is where we excel. We aim to provide a top-quality service to our clients with the ability of turning round the installation quickly.

Purchase the roof and get new conservatory windows and doors at half price!

Taking advantage of our A rated windows and doors as pert of the solid roof conservatory upgrade. This can be a great way to enhance the performance of your entire conservatory. Our VEKA A rated PVCu windows and doors come in an endless amount of colour options and combinations. They are as standard 28mm double glazed with toughened glass where required to comply with legislation. There is also the option to upgrade to triple glazing on the windows. Helping make your solid roof conservatory extra warm and cosy.

We can also supply and install spotlights if you would like to complete the look. This helps create a very clean and modern feel to the solid roof conservatory. The first fix of this would happen whilst our installers are on site. Then, the electrician would return to complete the second fix installation once the plasterers had completed their work.

We provide a complete service from initial design consultation right through to plastering and electrics. The only thing you will need to do then is to paint the roof once the plaster has thoroughly dried out… Just sit back, relax and enjoy your new Solid roof conservatory that truly will really extend and enhance your home.

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Experienced Solid Conservatory Roof Installers

With over 35 years experience in the home improvement industry with our sister company Windows Are Us, we have a varied and knowledgeable approach to each and every project.

We have seen a huge swing away from the square box conservatories with Polycarbonate roofs. Customers now want and expect more for their money. We have worked very closely with the roof manufacturer to get to where we are today.

The fabulous systems that we now bring to you have been rigorously tested, tweaked and improved. This helps to ensure that your complete new conservatory roof does exactly what we say it does.

Our systems have come from the companies experience in ‘what works’. When spending money on home improvements we know that nowadays especially, customers do expect the highest levels of structural and visual quality and most importantly, usability.

The Birth of Improve Your

Improve Your was born from the ideas and believes of the owners that there was a need for change in the solid conservatory roof market.

Branching out from our sister company Windows Are Us, we have brought an unrivaled knowledge of the conservatory field.

Our in-house carpenters and project managers also bring their vast experience of the construction industry. This means that we can create your unique roof system. Ensuring a lasting answer to all conservatory problems.


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