How it Works

Our Thermal Warm Roof completely replaces your existing glass or Poly-carbonate roof.
Our unique, fully waterproof timber design is manufactured and test assembled offsite for accuracy,
then the roof is simply reassembled onsite onto your conservatory.

Remember here at Improve Your we fully replace, not just adapt the existing roof.
This is why we can be certain that the structure is safe to take the external loading placed upon it
such as rain, wind and snowfall, as well as achieving the best thermal performance.

Our system is structurally tested and uses the highest performing insulated materials throughout.
The roof is extremely strong, yet light, ensuring the perfect alternative to your existing roof.

The State of the Art ‘Actis Hybris’ and ‘HControl Hybrid’ insulation boast an unrivaled thermal performance
and coupled together with our heat retaining plasterboard, insures your new conservatory
will be warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

Our roof tiles come in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit you and your home,
complemented by high performance, breathable membrane and an advanced click and fit system.
Your roof will be secure and water tight for many years to come.



Here at Improve Your, we ensure that your work is carried out professionally and efficiently with the minimal amount of fuss. Our installations run smoothly due to the offsite test assembly that is conducted with every roof prior to fitting.

Once you have called or sent in your details on our ‘Free Quotation‘ form, one of our knowledgeable team members will be in touch promptly to discuss your requirements. When your order is confirmed, we will then agree a date to suit for installation. Installations usually take between 2-5 days.



We have a wide range of finishes for you to choose from, including our roof tile range, as well as colour matched gutters and down pipes which are also included.

Prior to plastering, you can then choose any configuration of lights you wish, whether its traditional lighting or modern LED spotlights, all can be achieved with our Thermal Warm Roof.



Unlike your previous glass or Poly-carbonate roof, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the dirt and leaves off. You will no longer have to worry about rain noise, leaking, sun-glare or varying temperature.

All our installations come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

Key Benefits of Our Thermal Warm Roof

Safe & Secure

As we replace the WHOLE roof, we can ensure that the structure is fully compliant and structurally sound.

Temperature Control

Not just warm in the Winter, but cool in the Summer. It really is a 365 day a year room.

10 year Guarantee

All of our roof installations carry a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for complete piece of mind.

Energy Efficient

Your costly energy bills will be reduced due to the roofs built-in installation, thus maintaining greater thermal heat, without the need for an external heating source.

Noise Reduction

Our Thermal Warm Roof uses tiles not glass or Poly-carbonate, so coupled together with thick insulation, there is no noise from falling rain.


Due to the fact that it is a complete solid roof system, there is no sunglare through the roof.

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