Mr Grantham-Lyles

Conservatory type: Victorian Bespoke

Location: Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Time to complete: 4 days

Project Brief: Mr Grantham-Lyles called Improve Your in the Summer to discuss the possibility of integrating our Thermal Warm Roof on to his existing hardwood summer room, we had the footings checked for depth and the frames were also inspected by our surveyor.

The structure and the footings were absolutely fine to house the new light weight roof system, this time the team installed Tapco slate effect tiles to match the slates that were on the existing house. They really are a fabulous match and the outcome has been greatly received.

“The space is now
useable and has
added a real wow factor
to the room, the tiles
are remarkably
close to the real slates…”

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