Mr & Mrs Adams

Conservatory type: Sunburst Gable Fronted

Location: Solihull, Solihull

Time to complete: 3 days

Project Brief: When one of our senior designers met with Mr and Mrs Adams, it was clear that they loved the conservatory that they had, unfortunately as in pretty much every case, the room got far too hot, especially in the Summer. The thermal warm roof installation was perfect for them as it also keeps the room cool as well as warm.

One concern the Adams’ did have was loss of light, so we designed the room to have a gable sunburst frame to let the light flood in as well as two opening roof lights. Once the roof had been painted white, the light reflected back in to the room and if anything the room was brighter, needless to say the room is used everyday of the week and it’s where the family spend their time together after work.

“We loved our
conservatory in the
first place, but now its
even better, its used
every single day
of the week…Its where
we relax with
the kids”

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